One chapter at a time, just like… a book!

Reading over each chapter of the book now, making comments and edits and notes as I go. I’m taking great pleasure in marking a chapter “Final Draft” as I finish it in Scrivener, the new writing software I’m using (I finally made it official today and bought a license, so no more trial for me — I’m hooked on it!).

I thought I’d be able to get through the whole book today, but that would’ve been a total half-ass job, and I woulda been stressed out trying to do it all. So, I let reason prevail, and gave myself another 2 weeks to get through the book – probably doing a chapter a day or so, since I made it almost 1/3 of the way through the book today.

And it’s been FUN. This book is a lot of fun, with great characters, lots of what us writers call “eyeball kicks” (special effects and/or neat ideas), and a pretty good, twisty plot, if I do say so myself. I’m not forcing it, rushing to finish the book, but enjoying the process. I should’ve thought of this YEARS ago!

I can’t help myself, though. Here’s the word-o-meter again…

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic status

And once I’m done with this book, I get to plot out… sequels! Cool!

3 thoughts on “One chapter at a time, just like… a book!

  1. Your enthusiasm is infectious–and I’ll bet your readers are going to be just as enthusiastic as you are. I have a good feeling about this!


  2. Hey sis — there’s always running to be passionate about, right? (I’d be more passionate about it, but my legs hurt after my jog yesterday!).

    Rhubarb — surprisingly, I’m still enthusiastic about the book, and looking forward to the last 2/3s a LOT. That’s when things get REALLY nuts…


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