Plinking along to chapter two-four

The cool thing about writing, even if you’re tired and would rather be in bed, is when you start pulling stuff out of thin air and fitting it in to make the story better. I was tempted to quit a couple times this morning and leave it for later, but I stuck with it and managed to finish up another chapter, one with a nifty ending if I say so myself, and get most of the fixing done on the last chapter — chapter 24!

We’re almost there:
A Sudden Outbreak of Magic status

Now… off to work. ‘Nuff said!

4 thoughts on “Plinking along to chapter two-four

  1. If you are willing to share your novel, I would enjoy reading it on my next trip. Can you send an electronic copy or would you rather I wait until it is published?
    Keep up the great work!


  2. Hey Mom! I’m working my way through the book right now, but I’ll definitely send ya a copy as soon as it’s done. It takes place in Dubuque, so you can check my facts on the setting, if you like! Thanks.


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