New Relief Anthology: Call for Submissions

I just wanted to share the following info for my fellow writers and readers about the next edition of the Relief Anthology:

Open call for submissions for the Pet Rescue/Humane Society anthology. To be published in Winter ‘09

The goal of this relief anthology is to raise dollars for pet rescues and humane societies in regions affected by hurricane Ike.

The anthology will be published through a print-on-demand (POD) model using .

This is not a paying or a qualifying professional market (i.a.w. SFWA standards for Qualifying Professional Markets.

Authors retain all rights on material. Authors may remove their submission from the anthology at anytime by a written (emailed) request. By submitting to the anthology you are agreeing use of your work(s) for non-pecuniary (no one is making money off your work) purposes outside the donation to the various charitable organizations. Submissions should be sent to: .

Electronic submissions only.
• Please place: SUBMISSION-Winter 2009 in the subject line
• Send as an attachment .doc or .rtf, mac users may contact me directly for conversion resources
• Use standard US letter sizing (8.5″ width, 11″ length)
• Cover/Title page with title and author’s name (or pen name)
• Double spaced
• 12 pitch Times New Roman or Courier family fonts (please)
• No other special formatting is required nor desired

Fiction should include animals. Animal companions, animals as the central characters, anthromorphic/anthropomorphic characters etc…etc…


Deadline for submissions is midnight (Pacific Standard Time) December 31st, 2008 *** January 31st 2009.

The anthology will be made publicly available mid-January.

All contributors will receive an electronic (.pdf) copy of the anthology.

There is room for approximately 7-9 short stories in each anthology (word count dependent).

I really hope you submit a story to this worthy cause. I really enjoyed the first one, Cornstalk Gypsies, which is still available, for only $13!. (Okay, I admit, I had a story reprinted in this first antho, so I’m a bit biased, but still… check it out!)

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