Back to the daily grind

At the start of the winter break, way back on December 20th (my last day of work in ’08!), my book was at 54,100 words.

Here’s the status as of this morning:

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic status

Not bad, considering all of us have been sick during this time, and with the holidays mixed in there as well. Only 10% to go!

Now, after over two weeks off, I need to get ready for work. Sigh…

2 thoughts on “Back to the daily grind

  1. Oh, indeed, a big sigh. I’ve gone to work today with a nasty head cold, and I may just not return to work tomorrow and the day after until the worst is over. My head feels like a drum and it’s hard to concentrate on anything. That’s the part I hate the most, I think; I can’t read or write very well, because feeling miserable really cuts into my concentration. Bleah!


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