More rolling wordcounts… and Reporting In.

Okay, these kinds of entries are really only of interest to me, but I thought I’d post my wordcounts for the day anyway. Elizabeth and the boys just left for Parts East, and I’ve got pretty much the whole day to write. So I’m gonna try to blast through the last seven chapters of my YA urban fantasy novel (hey, I finished up chapter 17 this morning already).

So check back every few hours to see how my word count is advancing. I’m giving myself a full eight hours today — from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., when Lizzie and the boys return. So it’s a working day as a fiction writer.

Starting wordcount, around 10 a.m.:

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic status

And hey, while you’re waiting for my updates, go check out Dean’s latest entries on setting goals for the New Year (and beyond):

  • Craft Goals (where Dean advises you toss Strunk and White out the window, and add five sensory details every two pages, among other tips!)
  • Streaks and Goals (where Dean discusses staying focused, and how “one of the most powerful tools in helping people keep going is simply Reporting In“)

See you around noon or so for an update…!

UPDATE, 12:36 p.m.:
Finished up another chapter! Now, time for lunch…

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic status

UPDATE, 5:40 p.m.:
Okay, lost a little focus this afternoon, but came on string to finish up ch. 18! Finished 19 earlier, so it’s on to ch. 20. Or maybe 21…! Whichever it is, I’ve got 5 chapters left.

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic status

UPDATE, 7:55 p.m.:

No more words tonight, but all in all, a good day — about 16 new pages written, lots and lots of organizing to the last 5 chapters done, and some nifty stuff added while I was drafting. Finished off three chapters today, which is cool (well, okay, I gotta go back and re-read those last 2 chapters, but close enough!).

4 thoughts on “More rolling wordcounts… and Reporting In.

  1. I’ve been reading “The Year’s Best Science Fiction” #25 edited by (quelle surprise!) Dozois. In the back, you are listed in the Honorable Mention pages. Did you know that already? Probably…I’m always a little behind the times…congratulations, even though belated. And best wishes for the coming year. Did you decide on your goals for sure?


  2. Thanks, Sarah! I’d forgotten about that — and that story is dear to me, because it’s from the baseball novel I want to tackle next as a rewrite.

    Still working on the goals. I hope to have them figured out by tomorrow — right on schedule! Happy New Year to you, too.


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