Michaelby, the Scrivener

I spent a glorious two and a half hours today outlining my YA fantasy novel using some nifty software called Scrivener. It’s almost a cliche to say this, because so many other authors have said it before me, but I’m hooked, and I don’t want to write another novel without it.

Guess I’ll have to shell out the 40 bucks it takes to buy a license after my 30-day trial ends next month…

The software speaks to the anal, organizational side of me — it allows me to add labels and notes for each individual chapter of my book, as well as global notes for the whole book. You can use colors to set off the different sections and points of view. You can do a million different things with the software, all of it making the actual job of writing much, much easier.

And you don’t have a million stickie notes and notes scribbled into margins to keep up with. It’s all there. If only it were available on a PC. In a way, that’s a good thing — it forces me to do all my real writing on the iMac in my home office, so I’m not trying to fiddle with drafting while I’m elsewhere, on a different non-Mac computer…


Now I can’t wait to pull the other two novels I want to rewrite into Scrivener and get them reorganized and labeled. I am such a geek.

But first, gotta finish this novel. Lizzie is giving me the morning to hit a coffee shop and just write, so I’m very pumped up about that. I may still make my goal to finish this book by early January (1/5/09, to be exact!).

2 thoughts on “Michaelby, the Scrivener

  1. They must have had you in mind when they wrote that program! So glad you found it.
    You are fortunate to have such an understanding wife. Enjoy your morning of writing!


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