An Awesome Public Service Announcement

Take five minutes of your day to watch the following video, which was produced by The Riverview Center in Dubuque, Iowa. My cousin Josh is the CEO of this non-profit agency that aims to end sexual violence, an unbelievably worthy cause.

Watch the video, and make a donation if you can:

(my cousin is the first guy – nice work, Josh!)

Feel free to share this video with everyone you know…

5 thoughts on “An Awesome Public Service Announcement

  1. Mike,

    Thanks for the awesome post! I really appreciate it. Could you tell me how you got the video on your blog like that? I was trying the other day to do that but to no avail.

    Enjoy your weekend,



  2. Josh was just on the news this morning!!
    He is obviously very passionate about his work.
    How was the Polar Express?? We miss the boys already!!


  3. I heard you guys had a fun trip back home, delays and all…

    We had fun at the Polar Express, but we’re all worn out from the time on the road. I’m hoping to upload the pictures tonight, now that I finally found our camera again…


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