One year, already!

Hard to believe a year has passed already since Mr. Mitch’s arrival, but here it is, his one-year birthday.

To be honest, I can hardly remember when he was this big:

Mitch on Day One

He really was just a little squirt:


And here he is now, with his hero and big bro:


Wow. How things change. We made it through a really bad couple months early on, when Mitch had a nasty case of reflux that he finally outgrew at about six months. Those months, thankfully, are a blur in the memory now.

He’s not walking yet, but he’s pushing 30 lbs. already, and he has a wicked fast crawl, not to mention his mad cruising skills. He’s got the best dimples, and an even better smile that lights up his whole face. He also has a mercurial temper — smiling and laughing one minute, then yelling and screaming the next (though I think a lot of that is an act). He’s got way more energy than his older brother Drew did at that age, that’s for sure. He’s gonna be our nose guard or linebacker.

And once Mitch starts walking, it’s ALL over for us. We’ll never catch him!

Happy first birthday, big guy! We love you.

9 thoughts on “One year, already!

  1. Thanks, everyone — I think Mitchie had a great day hanging out with his mom and bro while Dad was stuck at work. Next year I’m taking off all birthdays. At least I got to leave early so we could get some dinner and hit the TOY STORE.


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