Gleaming towers and empty spaces

Some more nice news just rolled in today — my interview at the Fangs, Fur, & Fey Web site is now live! Fellow author Devon Monk asked some great questions about my new book, and I tried to give some pithy-sounding answers.

I sorta like this description of how I look at the revising process:

I like seeing the months or years of work start to come together, like the last few months of work on a skyscraper, as all the windows and glass are put in place and the steel infrastructure disappears, leaving you with a gleaming tower full of secret rooms and amazing views in a place that used to be empty space.

Read more here!

After reading over this interview, along with my nifty Booklist review recently, I’m starting to really get excited about seeing A Gathering of Doorways in print now. The release got pushed back a couple weeks due to issues with the cover, but I’m hoping by mid-November you’ll be able to snag yourself a copy of my “(dis)comfort reading” novel…

3 thoughts on “Gleaming towers and empty spaces

  1. I like that description of revisions, too. I’d never thought about it that way, but it makes sense. Too bad about the release date for A Gathering of Doorways. Make sure to tell us when it does come out.


  2. Thanks, K.S.! I will definitely let ya know when the book is available. I hate that it’s gonna be late, but I shouldn’t be surprised…

    Hey Mahesh! Nice to hear from you again! And thanks.


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