Another era ends (sniff)

Ah, memories. Looks like my old website at is officially gone now. I let my SFF.Net site expire, now that I’m all up and running here on my WordPress site. I remember creating that old site back in 2000, right after I’d gotten back from my wild and crazy week in Los Angeles for the Writers of the Future workshop (eight years ago!). It served its purpose, but its time had come and gone.

At some point I’ll get really ambitious and archive some of my old journals on this site, the entries I made using HTML(!), before I got my JournalScape journal up and running. By the way, you can still read those older JournalScape-based entries here — I didn’t delete those.

I’m really happy with the new journal and Web site, and I’m loving the price. It’s free. Just like information (if that’s what you want to call it) ought to be. So long, SFF.Net — you served me well!

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