One final post: Booklist reviews my book.

And I almost forgot to mention that my upcoming novel A Gathering of Doorways was reviewed by Booklist, the trade publication for the American Library Association, and it garnered a pretty fantastic review. Here it is:

In his third novel, speculative-fiction rising star Jasper offers a finely nuanced blend of fantasy and horror centering on a salesman turned organic farmer who confronts an unusual terror in the woods surrounding his land. Gil and his wife, Melissa, are already facing some serious disillusionment about their quixotic move to the country when their son Noah disappears into the forest under Gil’s watch. Still reeling from the stillbirth of the couple’s second child, Gil faces the grim task of not only finding Noah but protecting his family from the diabolical denizens of the shadowy world around and below their property that he dubs “The Undercity.” Jasper shifts the narrative between Gil’s trek into the forest, Melissa’s battle with self-inflicted guilt while conducting her own confusing search, and Noah’s more innocent encounters with the mythical, dragon-like creatures that live beneath the forest’s earthen floor. Jasper demonstrates a sure hand in balancing his imaginative rendering of middle-class angst with the familiar supernatural ingredients of a 1980s-era horror novel.
—Carl Hays, Booklist

“Rising star”! I like that! I also received word that I’ll be doing an online interview soon for a pretty cool Web site, so things are definitely looking up. I feel like my creativity tank is being filled again. And that feels pretty damn good.

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