Oh wow. Now this is cool.

Cornstalk Gypsies: The Iowa Flood Relief Anthology is available for purchase! 100% of the proceeds from this anthology will go towards relief of individuals, businesses, cities, and schools affected by the 2008 summer floods in Iowa. More info at the Relief Anthology site.

The list of authors: Sarah Prineas (hey SarahP!), Michael Jasper, Carrie Jones, Dr. Catherine Schaff-Stump (hullo!), Joya Mannan (Hi Joya!), Ann M. Nguyen, Tyson Chaney and Shalanna Collin.

Cornstalk Gypsies is a 230 page science-fiction/fantasy anthology. It is available through lulu.com in perfect bound A5 format ($13.00 USD + Shipping) or digital download, .pdf format (4.95 USD).

Science-fiction for a cause.

5 thoughts on “Oh wow. Now this is cool.

  1. Mike, that is awesome!! I did not know you were going to be involved in this anthology. What a great way to raise money for flood victims!!!
    Great job!!!


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