Simplifying, mostly

In an attempt to cut down on my goofing-off time online, I’ve made the move. I deactivated my FaceBook page, which I wasn’t enjoying anyway, because every time I was there, checking various people’s updates and status message, I felt like I should’ve been doing something else. Something more productive. Like reading DailyKos or something… 😉

I’m trying to whittle down the distractions to a bare minimum, so I almost got rid of my Twitter account, but darn, I do kinda enjoy those little mini-blog entries as the day progresses. So Twitter escaped my deactivation wrath. For now.

Basically, I’m cutting down my online surfing to the following sites:

  • My Gmail account, just because I live for email
  • My LiveJournal Friends list, which is still the best way to read a bunch of journals I enjoy, quickly (I did get rid of some journals recently, and I hope nobody I cut out took offense!)
  • DailyKos, because I’m totally addicted to the presidential race right now (I’m sure I’ll slack off after Election Day)
  • My Yahoo home page, for news and stuff
  • My Google Calendar, because I have to plan out everything

And that’s about it. No more social networking for me! I’m a free, un-networked entity. Woo hoo!

4 thoughts on “Simplifying, mostly

  1. When you said you cut some people on your LJ, I was like, “Oh, no! He’s finally had enough of my crazy entries with pictures of cute celeb males!” But then I saw you didn’t cut me, so apparently you don’t mind… or you skillfully scroll past those, lol. And I’m glad you still have your Twitter account. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m commenting here through my Blackberry, and I can report your journal is pretty mobile friendly!


  2. Oh cool — It’d be cool to see this site on a CrackBerry! I’m SOOO glad I no longer need to carry one of those things. Pure evil, I tell ya.

    And no, I didn’t cut ya. I enjoy your entries too much! Even the male celebrity ones…


  3. CrackBerry is right! I am so addicted to mine. *_*

    Also, when I was posting my comment, I think I might’ve hit the ‘submit’ button a few times on accident, so in case you got a zillion comments from me, sorry!


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