Sunday framing

What a nice, relaxing weekend! We got caught up on a lot of chores around the house, and also just took it easy and hung out together, the four of us. Mitch took a massive nap yesterday — he’s fighting a cold — and Lizzie and I got to enjoy being home and catching up after a really busy week of work, and Drew really enjoyed getting to be with everyone again. And Mitch did too — when he wasn’t napping!

At long last, I mustered up the gumption to hang the various framed pictures back on my office wall from when we painted way back in April. Now the place is looking good and lived-in, with just one small bare spot remaining.

Here’s what you see when you come in:

A bit of a change from the original:

And here are the bookshelves (yay!):

And here’s that bare spot above the cafe table — that’s reserved for my book covers, as soon as I get to the frame store and get frames. I have three book covers already, with one more coming any day now for the Gathering of Doorways novel. The bare spot:

And here’s my new office mate, freshly moved from his place next to the kitchen table:

I hope we can get along in our shared space… 😉

5 thoughts on “Sunday framing

  1. The blue walls make the room look so cozy–I love it! I’m really jealous of your bookshelves, too. I basically have one of those in my room (instead of 4!), so all my books are stuffed into every spare hole/corner, or in stacks around my room, lol.

    The bare spot idea is really cool. I think I might steal it when I have zillions of novels published. 😉

    And your office mate looks rather promising!


  2. LOL — I understood what ya meant! I’m really happy with how the room has turned out. Just need to get those covers framed — I’m waiting for Prime Books to come up with the final cover (yes, they’re still working on it, with a month until the release!)

    Ironically, I’ve been doing most of my writing on my laptop, elsewhere, instead of in the office…


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