Switching it up on ya.

Astute readers (all four of you) may notice a teensy change to the ol’ website here. The busy-ness of the old template was making me crazy, plus I’m totally avoiding doing any work on my novel, so I switched up the template. I kinda like this new one. Feels way less cluttered.

What do you think? Good, bad, or ugly?

And my palty progress-o-meter says:

9 thoughts on “Switching it up on ya.

  1. Mike, This is so much more like you – very organized and uncluttered!
    But you know me, I am not as computer savvy. I’m still trying to find my way around. This is the first time I found the “comments”. But I do like it!


  2. DARIYA Corporation
    Kirten Ulve’s new ‘PALTY’ illustrations in new places
    Kirsten Ulve

    The extremely popular package illustration for the hair-dye ‘PALTY’, created by Kirsten Ulve, has been transformed into a animated commercial and is now on-air. Accompanied by her big bear friend, the charming fairy girl named ‘PALTY’ strolls along light-footed, in-sync with the music. If you are in Tokyo you might catch a glimpse of the cute ‘PALTY’ illustrations zooming by on the side of buses, where they will be shown during the summer.


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