My Wunjo is Reversed! (I knew it.)

Fellow writer and all-around cool person Aimee (a.k.a. newroticgirl) is offering to throw and read a rune for people today, free of charge. I can’t resist these sorts of things — way better than a horoscope any day.

Here’s what she had for me:

I drew Wunjo, the Rune of Joy. Normally, this is a Rune of peace and contentment and getting results. Action. Hard work coming to fruition. But it came out in the reverse, signifying delay, disappointment, and dissatisfaction. Doesn’t mean the good stuff won’t come, it just means the good stuff is coming slowly. You may have some hard work ahead, a difficult passage.

This might be a good time to look at what’s causing delays and whether or not they need to be addressed. Can you just power through them, or do you need to put the end goal aside and deal with the frustrations first?

Oh man — she couldn’t have been more on-target with regard to my writing “issues” right now. I’ve been having the reverse of joy with the novel lately. Which makes me extra glad that Elizabeth offered to give me Saturday morning to write — you better believe I snapped up that offer! — and this reading tells me I need to sit down and work on my notes and put together a comprehensive timeline for the whole book. Since the book may or may not involve some weird time-shifting and maybe even time travel (if I really wanna give myself migraines), a timeline is most likely in order.

Hopefully that means I’ll be through my “difficult passage” soon… I’m itching to get some good writing done!

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