Free Music Wednesday: Early 90s Flashback version

Now this song brings back memories — listening to it got me through two long years in a small town in Nebraska, when I was fresh out of college, teaching junior high English:

Del Amitri “Nothing Ever Happens”:

What ever happened to this band? I know they had a hit about ten years ago, but what happens to bands like this, or the Connells? Do they go back to work at office jobs like the rest of us? That’s gotta suck.

Okay, just looked up their song “Roll To Me,” from 1995(!), and you’ve got to watch this one, just because it’s so weird. I’ll never look at a baby in a pram the same way again. It’s also amazingly short — just a shade over two minutes. I’ve got to add it as a freebie (the plan was to just embed THREE vids! Sorry!)

Del Amitri, “Roll to Me”:

And two other videos to round out the day’s viewing, also from the ’90s. I love the piano in the next one, and the video is great — split-screen, man! How retro. The song and video brings up memories of my apartment at Royal Park in Carrboro, next to Chapel Hill (oops — misremembered this, as the song came out in ’98, and I was in Raleigh by then!). Remember when they used to play videos on MTV and VH1?

Semisonic, “Closing Time”:

And finally, another band who really should’ve hit it bigger — the Freddie Jones Band. Probably not the most exciting video ever, but the song is the ultimate tune for getting in your car and just cruising around with the windows down on an early summer night. That guitar riff is contagious.

Freddie Jones Band, “In a Daydream”:

What happened in the ’90s? Music was really rolling along, from grunge to alt-rock to jam bands like Dave Matthews Band, and then bam — the killer B’s hit. Backstreet Boys and Britney. Thanks for ruining the decade!

2 thoughts on “Free Music Wednesday: Early 90s Flashback version

  1. I still have all of Del Amitri’s albums. I love the late 80s to mid-90s adult alternative. In fact, my favorite band is Toad the Wet Sprocket; do you remember them? Close runner-ups in this category included: Gin Blossoms, Athenaeum, and Hootie and the Blowfish

    I have favorites in other categories as well: Dan Fogelberg, Billy Joel, Rush, Kansas, Megadeth, and the list goes on and on.

    I have every album, from every artist mentioned: it is ridiculous! :~D


  2. I need to pick up some more Del Amitri on iTunes. Good stuff. And yeah, I love Toad, as well as Gin Blossoms and Hootie (more for nostalgia than anything else for the Hoots). And I admit to a certain weakness for a Dan Fogelberg tune now and then (“Leader of the Band” — the song’ll make ya CRY!).


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