September 11 (and 12), 2001

[reprinted from my old journal from seven years ago]

Today was a bad day. I don’t know how best to describe the emotions I’m feeling right now at the end of a day full of news reports from New York City and Washington DC other than to say it makes me really, really sad. I also feel disappointed in humanity, basically. How can such violent acts still continue in this day and age?

I didn’t want to write anything today, and to be honest, I couldn’t focus long enough until about 9:30 tonight to do anything besides watch the news and hold Elizabeth tight. It’s unfortunate that it takes something like this to make you really appreciate all you have. So take some time to be good to your loved ones and just be happy.

I wrote the previous 2 paragraphs last night, and didn’t post them (until now, of course). It’s the 12th now, and a part of me feels guilty for actually sitting down and writing fiction yesterday instead of watching the news and keeping abreast of what’s happening in New York City and DC, among other places.

But I did write, and I’m glad I did. Sort of my own way of showing whoever did these deeds that they haven’t completely screwed up everyone’s lives. That’s their goal, and for the most part they succeeded with everyone in America, at least for one day, but the best thing we can do to combat such attacks is to carry on as usual. We’re just a lot more worse for wear right now.

So I was happy to be able to write for a little bit last night, adding about a thousand words to my novel. Today I plan on doing more, and maybe even sending some more pages out to my posse of readers…

Take care, and be careful, and enjoy this day as best you can. See you later.

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