Hooh boy. That stung.

Oh man — I just did it.  I just deleted about 60 pages’ worth of stuff from my current novel-in-progress, bringing me down to about 40 pages. Double-spaced.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Okay. I think I’m okay with this. I was struggling and wrestling with those later chapters, trying to coerce them into working for me. But one of the cool things I learned from working on the YA novel in the past few months is that it really is easier to just re-draft the chapters instead of trying to muck with the prose that’s not working. Feel free to insert the lipstick on a pig refrain here.

But still. Saying buh-bye to all those words kinda stings. I think I need to take the dog for a walk to pull myself together. 😉

Hope everyone had a good day today, and sent some good vibes to the families who lost someone seven years ago. I feel sorta crass writing about anything other than 9/11 today, but you can’t stop the conversation of life, right? I dunno — with these sort of things, there’s no right answer. You just get by as best you can, and don’t let the bastards drag you down.

Update: Saved more words! Yay!

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