New Web Site, now with more emailability!

Cool news — I was able to accomplish one of the items on my Wish List for this shiny new Web site! We now have email notifications for new journal entries. Suh-weet!

So now, after you sign up using the link over on the right under Subscribe via Email, you’ll get an email for any new entries or “posts” that I make here, just like I did on my trusty ol’ JournalScape site, back in the day (sniff).

I hope you’ll sign up, check your email often, and make lots of comments here on my journal. That would make me feel all warm an’ snuggly inside. Really!

Now, to figure out how to do those other two bullets on my Wish List… Hmmm…

5 thoughts on “New Web Site, now with more emailability!

  1. Well, I hope it works! I still haven’t gotten my email notification for THIS entry. I think it works on a daily basis… I think. Thanks for signing up (and I enjoyed the opening to your book! haven’t had time to read more, dangit).


  2. I just got a notification about this entry, so it works!

    And I’m SO excited you like the opening of the novel! 🙂 I’ve only gotten to read the opening of yours, too. 23 pages, to be exact. I’m usually able to juggle school reading and leisure reading quite easily, but my archaeology class and my two psychology classes are killing me with the reading assignments. A little over 300 combined pages of textbook reading each week, and it’s not like those are my only classes–I have English classes, too! @_@ Regardless, totally enjoyed the opening. I’m so curious about Jonathan’s story!


  3. Oh, and that’s awesome that you dug the opening to my book. I’ve reworked that section so much, it’s hard to see it anymore.

    I’m gonna print the rest of your book today and read more soon! Hopefully by the end o’ the month.


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