Day 1 of Drafting: Reginald’s Knob

Wow — I was really feeling low-energy tonight, and didn’t really get started with the new prologue until about 9:30 or so, but the walk with Whit seemed to help energize me and get me focused. I came up with a couple good ideas on the walk — Archie (gotta get him a new name!) feeling lost, though he’s a guy who is never lost, the two cell phone calls, the bridge — and then I had 6 pages of stuff, just like that.

Very cool. I tried going through and deleting all mention of poor Pablo, who’s getting dropped from the book (um, I already had a writer character! Hello!), and then I ran outta steam. It’s 11:20 p.m. now, and all in all, a really good drafting day.

If I can I wanna finish readhing chapter 1 of KJ Bishop‘s amazing Etched City. Reading that really inspired me to focus on the details, especially the sensory bits and the specific stuff you’d find near the top of a mountain…

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