Doing the Outline Thang…

Hey hey — got my wish for the weekend, and had two hours of uninterrupted time to sit down and jam out the new and improved, 100% stronger, 2/3 less clunky version of my outline for my next novel, Maps and Legends. Whoo!

I already wrote about 25,000 words on the book, and at first I thought I was going to have to throw out everything but the first 8k or so, but after moving stuff around and poking and prodding, I realized there were more things there I wanted to keep. Though at least one of my characters is getting the boot. Sorry, dude!

So now, instead of the crazy rewriting kick I was on for the previous novel, I’ll be on a crazy drafting kick. My goal is to get the story to 85,000 words by Halloween, so that means 4-5 pages a day between tomorrow (Day One) and October 31. Now that I have the outline in hand, I can really get rolling on telling the story to myself. Let’s all hope it makes sense when I’m done…

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