Checking in with Maps and Legends

Now that I’ve got my young-adult urban fantasy novel fixed up and sent off to my agent, my mind has begun turning toward the next novel simmering on the back burner: Maps and Legends.

So, in an effort to not be totally boring to the four or five people actually reading this journal, I’m going to make a series of short, Private journal entries [EDITED TO ADD — nope, no more private entries!] that cover the nuts and bolts of putting together the 90,000 words required to achieve Novel for this book. I want to do it in a pretty short period of time, so I’m going to try to push myself.


  1. Organize and outline the whole book between now and September 8th.
  2. Decide on what stays and what goes from the 100 pages I wrote earlier this year.
  3. Start drafting on September 8th.
  4. Finish a strong first draft by October 31st.
  5. Write 6 pages a day, every day, to reach at least 300 pages by deadline. (1500 words/day)
  6. Follow my novel-writing strategy for the book.
  7. Have fun, take risks, be wild and crazy.
Warning — I’ll be using the dreaded counter in these private posts to keep up with my wordage, starting next Monday, 9/8:

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