Friday night wackiness

Lizzie and the boys are all sleeping, and I’m working away at the last few chapters of my book. I have waaay too many characters running around in these chapters. I’m having trouble keeping up with them all. Either I need to make better notes, or start deleting some of these critters.

Yes, it’s a wild Friday night here in the Jasper household, once again.

But what a week, eh? Barack Obama’s speech last night was awesome, and I feel completely convinced that the right person is running for the Democratic party. I wasn’t sure of him at the start of the year, but he’s a fast learner, and he rarely makes a misstep (we won’t mention that FISA thing, which was pretty crappy). I didn’t watch even half of the speeches, but I’m all pumped up about politics. I am so going to give my Republican brother a hard time all day tomorrow.

And when I’m not hitting the link for Daily Kos, I’ve been hitting the like for my Level 2 Eladrin Wizard, Jonathan Archibald Masterson, over on FaceBook. They have a fun, sorta silly little app that lets you go off on Dungeons and Dragons adventures!

There’s no real decision-making involved — you just check in every few minutes, and your character has gotten into more trouble or solved a mystery or something. Like a “Pick-a-Path” book where you don’t even have to turn the pages. Good, clean fun, I tell ya.

And, as it turns out, playing that game is quite fitting for today, since I got the galleys for my story coming up in the Exquisite Corpuscle anthology today, entitled “A Game of Contact.” I initially wrote the story over five years ago, and the antho bounced from place to place, until Fairwood Press picked it up (yay, Patrick!). That story holds up surprisingly well, and while I would’ve added another page or 2 to the end, I think it’s a darn good SF story. It also has D&D playing from the early ’80s, Men at Work, the Iraq War, and a weird cocoon city hidden behind a tall pink wall, forty years in the future.

And now, I must stop procrastinating and get back to the big magical battle on the floating casino on the Mississippi River… And my Eladrin wizard just — oops, the D&D FaceBook application just crashed again…

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