Links — it’s what’s for breakfast. Or something

I’ve had a bunch of pages bookmarked in the past week or two, and I figured since I was interested in these things, maybe you would be to. If not, oh well.

First, some books I’d love to get:

  • Lucius Shepard’s Best of Lucius Shepard collection. This guy is amazing, and I love how he writes. His stuff from the ’80s blew me away, and it’s different in genre from the stuff he’s done recently. I really gotta get this book, for inspiration. A true literary stylist.
  • A snazzy new version of Tim Powers’ The Stress of Her Regard – I’ve almost got all his books, and while it’s not a snazzy hard cover as I would’ve hoped, it’ll do. Of course, I still need to READ those other books of his I’ve got, too…
  • Clyde Edgerton’s new novel, The Bible Salesman – he has the balls to slap two Flannery O’Connor characters from two different stories together into one book (the Misfit and the bible seller). I heard him read from this one on the radio recently, on The State of Things, and it was quite fun. I saw this in the book store, though, and the book is quite thin. Maybe I’ll wait for the paperback.

More thoughts about YA fiction as well as urban fantasy fiction:

And some great minds come together to explore the genre(s) of fiction:

Some inspirational stuff about writing and creativity:

Okay. Now I can delete some bookmarks and feel like I’ve accomplished something! You can thank me later for the links… 😉

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