Okay, I have 7 minutes to compose this journal entry.

I took a personal day from work today, and my wife is at work and the kids are at their Mimi’s, so I’ve got the whole glorious day to bang through the revisions to the middle section — Act 2 of 3 — of my novel. I’ve really been needing a big chunk of time to just read this book out loud and make edits as I go. You’d be amazed at all you can catch, reading out loud.

Plus it’s kind of fun. I think the dog is enjoying the literary readings I’ve been performing for him.

I’m on a chapter-an-hour pace, and since starting at 8:30 a.m. I’ve kept pace. I’m done with chapters 9 and 10, and having a ball. I’ve got until 4:30, when I need to pick up the kids, so follow along and see if I make to the end of chapter 16 by the end of the day!

And now, it’s almost 10:30, which means it’s time for chapter 11!

Update: At 2:20 p.m., I’m on chapter 16. Sweet.

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