This Web site needs a map!

I think I end up making one for every book I work on, just to keep everything straight, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the new book now has a map. What’s new and fun about this one is that I found a sweet fold-out map of Dubuque, where the novel is set, while we were back in Iowa last month, so I spent some time today adding some of Drew’s balloon stickers to the important locations for the book.

Of course I had to take a picture with my cell phone, but after three attempts, this is the best I could get. You sorta get the idea… (The As are for Archie, the Ks are for Kelley.)

Downtown Dubuque, in all its mappy glory!
Downtown Dubuque, in all its mappy glory!

And yes, I did tape it to the wall to take the picture, thanks for asking. It’s a wild and crazy Friday night here at the Jasper compound!

Okay, now back to revising the book upon which the map is based (we’re finishing up chapter 6 tonight or else).

3 thoughts on “This Web site needs a map!

  1. I love the map! It’s so creative. 😀

    The town in my manuscript is fictional, although some of the locations are based on places in my town. Still, it’s a bit difficult to draw up a map, but I have mapped out a detailed timeline, so that’s gotta count for something!


  2. Thanks! The map is from, which actually has a page for the Dubuque map. Go figure.

    I had to create maps for fictional towns, too, just so I knew which way people were turning and how far away stuff was. Probably only mattered to me (and a copyeditor), but it had to be done.

    Plus, I fricken love maps.


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