New Web Site Wish List

I have a couple things I’d love for my journal. Basically, I’d love it to automate more stuff. I know, what can I say — I just created this fancy-schmancy new Web site, and I already want more doohickies to add to it? I’m never satisfied. That’s either a strength or a curse, I dunno.

I already have it set up to send a “Tweet” to my Twitter page every time I create a new entry, which is quite awesome (the tool I use is Twitterfeed, and thanks to Matt Staggs for pointing it out in his excellent Twitter entry).

I’d also like my site to:

  • Create an entry in my LiveJournal “mirror” site, so I don’t have to copy and paste (I am so lazy). I’m researching this one, but I know nothing about WordPress plug-ins. Looking for a quick and dirty way to do this…
  • Send an email to a list of subscribers, automatically, whenever I write a new journal entry. My old JournalScape site did this automatically, and I quite liked it. Surely WordPress can do the same? Researching…
  • Finish revising my novel(s) for me! (Actually, I’m having fun doing that. Maybe I should have my Web site do my day job work for me so I have time to revise my fiction. And can a Web site give my dog a bath???)

Those are my wishes — I thought I had more, but I’m actually (surprisingly) satisfied with how my new site works. Although any WordPress tips would be appreciated. Shoot me a link and I can do the rest… I’m not averse to doing the legwork and other research myself.

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