Welcome! This place is now official!

Hey there — thanks for stopping by! Today has sort of become the official release of this Web site, now that I figured out how to redirect people who type “michaeljasper.net” or “www.michaeljasper.net” into their browser’s Address window. I’ve been fiddling with this crazy WordPress site for a couple weeks now, to the point of near-obsession, and now I realize why I don’t do Web development for a living — I know just enough HTML to be very, very dangerous.

So click around, and make comments on any of my journal entries or over on the Contact page, if you just want to say Hello. All of the good stuff from my previous Web site at SFF.Net is on this site (and the SFF.Net site is going bye-bye on Oct. 1), and I’m really happy to have it all in one place, at last. I promise that I’ll try not to be too boring.

That said, I’m back to revising my YA novel, and chapter 2 is on the docket for tonight. I’m hoping to blast through the whole thing by the end of the month. Wish me luck!

Now I’m off to drink some champagne now that the site is official.

(Okay, so I’m really going to go edit some hotfix readmes and triage some doc bugs for work, but the champagne thing sounds SO much more glamorous…)

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