So many Web sites, so little time…

In the past few weeks (seemingly all while I was on vacation a few weeks back!), a bunch of very cool speculative-fiction-related Web sites have popped up, and I kept meaning to make note of them. Lots of good stuff — cutting-edge news about books, movies, and more, plus new blogs and new discussions. It is to make my head spin.

Here’s a quick rundown of the cool stuff out there:

  • – the granddaddy of SF publishers gets a huge makeover, with more content than I’ll ever keep up with. Man. How do these folks find the time? Kinda makes me wish I could get a novel published by Tor… Hmm…
  • Genreville – a smart new blog from Rose Fox at the genre nook at Publishers Weekly. Some good articles about the industry and recent books. I have a warm spot in my heart for PW right now, as they’re planning on reviewing my novel at the end of August… Fingers crossed.
  • Suvudu – This one is a bit hit-or-miss so far, since it does a lot of movie and gaming stuff, but I’m keeping my eye on it. It’s from the speculative fiction section of Random House.
  • The FinePrint Literary Blog – Hey, I know those guys. They work for me. Well… sorta. Lots of good stuff about publishing from this group of agents, whose roster includes my agent, Colleen. Can’t wait to sell a book and get my blog listed in their Client Blogs section.
  • And finally, here’s a discussion I’m following with interest: Bittercon: Why is YA Booming?  Bittercon is a virtual convention for all us unlucky folks who can’t make it to a specific convention, and this topic definitely caught my eye. Speaking of, I’m getting back to work on my YA book soon. Maybe even tonight. Um. After “So You Think You Can Dance” has its finale, that is…

By the way, I realized the best way to keep up with everything — Google Reader. I still use my LiveJournal Friends list to keep up with my friends’ journals, but I’m relegating all news blogs and non-writer-specific blogs like those above to my Google Reader. I think it’s a nice solution. I can read more and surf less!

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