Secret Journal (coming soon to the rest of the world)

Just because I love my Twitterly friends (I am sorta hooked on the app, I must say), I’m sharing content from my new journal and Web site on Twitter only. For now. In a month or so, I’ll make the wholesale switch from my current site at SFF.Net and its related journal over to this site at WordPress.

I’ve always wanted a site hooked up to a blog so I can update on the fly and make new pages quickly, and finally I’ve figured it out, and WordPress has the chops to do it. And so far so good. Best of all, it’s free! No more paying to host my online self.

(Sorry, SFF.Net. I love ya, and you’ve been good to me in the past 8 years, but it was time for a change! Can we still be friends? Same goes for you, JournalScape — will you still save my archived entries, please?)

So enjoy the super-secret content for now. Thanks for reading.

And feel free to leave comments after you’ve clicked around. I think I have all the bugs fixed and the pages updated (well, except for the Contact page).

5 thoughts on “Secret Journal (coming soon to the rest of the world)

  1. Okay, the same goes for my peeps on FaceBook who are keeping up with the text in my Update section (the one right under my name). Forgot that Twitter updates that too. Crazy.


  2. The site looks amazing! The layout’s so aesthetically pleasing and functional, too. I approve (in case that matters in the slightest, lol)!


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