Movies and Novels… with Aliens!

Movies and books, books and movies. Movies based on books. Or other ideas…

My pal Rachel let me know about the following”viral marketing” ad going on recently:

The upcoming movie, supposedly entitled District 9 is apparently based on this short, called “Alive in Joburg”:

For the ten or so folks who’ve read my novel The Wannoshay Cycle or some of the stories from it, the similarites are pretty eerie. It’s cool seeing some of the same concepts on screen, while some things just don’t work as well…

Though I do kinda want a “Humans Only” Bathroom sign. Heh. Later!

2 thoughts on “Movies and Novels… with Aliens!

  1. Oh yeah. My stories and book got way too many comparisons to that (Rich Horton at Locus really hated my stories because of that, and other reasons too, I think). It’s probably too easy a leap to make aliens stand-ins for the other peoples who’ve been oppressed in our world… (so I tried to make my aliens really weird, and aggressive as well!).


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