Back from vacation, still a day late (and a dollar short)

I can’t think of anything more fun to do on a Sunday night other than hanging out in Chicago’s O’Hare airport from about 6 p.m. to midnight with two sleepy kids under 4, wandering around the terminal and waiting for your delayed plane to North Carolina to arrive. The best part was at about half past midnight, when the plane finally arrived, and then, after 20 minutes of doinking around, the airline goes ahead and cancels the flight.

That part was really awesome.

Just a note to people to not fly United Airlines. Because, well, they suck. Terrible customer service, and not just the fact that nobody could pull the trigger on canceling the flight four or five hours sooner. They also had all their ticketing agents bail on us at 12:15, because their shift was over. That left about 200 people out of luck, with just one or two poor agents left to deal with irate passengers.

Now, I understand working a job that is set up on shifts, but you shouldn’t just leave people hanging. I’m guessing people were still waiting to get a hotel until 2 a.m.

We lucked out and got a room in a nearby hotel as well as an early flight out at 8 a.m. We got a couple hours sleep, and let me tell you, getting back home was a wonderful feeling.

Ironically, Lizzie and the boys were picked up by her parents right there at the airport terminal, as they’d been planning for a week at the beach, so they are gone while I’m at home, working. I’m hoping to sneak away after work Wednesday to “work from the beach” Thursday and Friday.

But if I never see the inside of an airport again this year, it’ll be too soon. Boo, United Airlines. Boo boo boo. Later!

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