Faster than a speeding bullet, as insightful as the Buddha, reading entire books in a single gulp, Rick Kleffel at The Agony Column has written the first critical reaction to my upcoming novel, A Gathering of Doorways.

Here’s a sample of his review:

Of course, Eighties Horror overplayed its hand and overstayed its welcome. The big names have survived, in some tattered state. But once in a while the genre gets an injection of new blood from an unexpected direction…

…And we’re off into a world where ex-suburbanites have meaningful dreams and children disappear even if they are watched by their fathers – which they’re not. Jasper handles the mundane and surreal aspects of Eighties Horror with confidence and imagination. ‘A Gathering of Doorways’ is classic (Dis)Comfort Reading.

“(Dis)Comfort Reading” — I love that! Read the whole review here.

Me and Stephen King and the ’80s. Who knew! Now that’s a nice way to kick off the weekend. Later…

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