No time for words. A couple pix instead.

I’m bringing some extry books to my reading next week (more details about the reading here if you’re into the Facebook thing), so I figured I’d take a photo of ’em. The library is ordering a lot of copies of the SF novel, so I’m bringing the few extra copies I have left of my other books:

(Well, actually, my brother is taking the box o’ books with him to Iowa, as they’re driving and we’re flying. Thanks, bro!).

Also, I managed to print out some reading materials for next week and the week after — using a handy printer that prints double-sided. Here’s the novel so far:

(This is actually the way I like to read a novel draft — single-spaced and double-side, so it’s more like reading a regular bound novel).

Oh, and I’m down to the last 2 chapters of the novel revision. Woo hoo! Later.

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