All you lucky folks going to Readercon — a favor?

Of course Readercon comes on the same weekend that we’re leaving for sunny, flat, green Iowa, so I have a favor to ask all of you attending this fine convention — See if you can find a copy of my upcoming book (pictured in this entry’s LJ icon) in the dealer’s room, could you?

First person to send me a photo of the book in the wild gets a free copy of the book, plus any other books or stuff with my stuff in it. Bonus points if you get a picture of the book AND editor/publisher/many-of-way-many-hats Sean Wallace from Prime Books.

And while you’re talking to Sean, ask him when the page for A Gathering of Doorways will be available. Tell him Mike J sent ya!!!! Bwah hah hah hahaaaa!

(ahem) Later!

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