3 chapters, 49 pages, 3 days (give or take)

I’m keeping pace with my schedule of edits, and I’m really proud of the tightening I did to the most recent chapter. I think I managed to cut about 8 pages out of it, total.

I’m not sure if I’m most proud of that fact, or the fact that I did most of the cutting while watching “So You Think You Can Dance” with Lizzie tonight. I’m ashamed to admit that I’m hooked on a reality show, but this one is pretty fun (I predict Gev and Kherington get voted off tomorrow, as Comfort bought herself another week or two before getting the boot).

I think I like the show because I know almost nothing about the art of dance, and I enjoy learning from the judges (especially Nigel). And the immediate feedback is really cool — Lizzie and I try to do commentaries during the dances and the compare notes with Nigel and Mary (the screaming lady) and the guest judge each time.

And hey, it’s the only TV show I watch. The only time the TV’s on, it’s set to Noggin or we’re watching a movie!

So it’s on to chapter 22 tomorrow.

In other, related news, the nifty Enter the Octopus blog has a picture of an actual ARC from my upcoming book — go to Matt’s blog and check out the Gathering of Doorways ARC-y goodness. Thanks for the photo — wish I’d get MY copies… 😉

In other, other related writing news, I came across this interesting review of my previous novel, The Wannoshay Cycle. It was nowhere near as snarky as my review from Kirkus, but it does hit home on some problems I’d worried about with the book. That’s why it’s a first novel, folks. Got to get those chops up to speed. Two negative reviews still don’t compare to the dozen or so good reviews the book got, and anyway, I still wouldn’t change anything about the book.

That’s it for tonight, folks. Trying to get to bed before midnight for the first time all week… Later!

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