Avoid the (ade)noid

This morning, Mr. Mitch woke up with adenoids in his head; tomorrow he will wake up without ’em. Yep, as part of our seemingly endless quest to get this little guy free of runny noses, infections, and general crud, Lizzie talked to our ENT doc on Monday, and he had an opening today for the adenoidectomy.

So now the little guy is sleeping, after a somewhat grumpy afternoon, and his brother is zonked out as well, after playing all morning with his G’ma (thanks, Mom!). Maybe that cold he’s had for the past 3 weeks will now go away…!

And now, a three-day weekend. Sweet! I’ve fallen behind on my revising, but I did make it to the third act of my YA fantasy novel, so I’m getting there. I’m hoping to get all the heavy lifting done before our trip to Iowa on July 20th, but I’m not taking any wagers on that happening. Maybe… We shall see. Later!

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