Friday update

First things first, huge congrats to Kelly Gay for selling her two urban fantasy novels to Pocket Books, and huge congrats to my agent Colleen Lindsay for making the deal happen! Very cool news. Colleen is on a roll, having just agented her first book deal less than three weeks ago.

That’s an average of one book sale a week. Keep it up, eh? No pressure! 🙂

Second, I’m happy to report that I’ve passed over the half-way point on my novel revamp. I thought the middle section of the book would be easy going, but I’m having to write a lot of new stuff to make it all fit together. Not complaining, really — I’m having a lot of fun with the new stuff as well as retrofitting the old stuff and “upgrading” it all.

That’s probably fodder for another journal entry. Right now, my 3 and a half year old is awake (it’s 7:05 a.m.) and he wants to show me the tunnels he made for his train. So I must run! Later!

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