Taking the magic and running with it (times 2)

I really need to be finishing up my work projects, plus writing an all-new, all-nifty synopsis for my YA novel, but I got stuck in Wellmet instead.

Let me explain — my writing pal Sarah Prineas just shared the new, awesome Web site for her novel The Magic Thief. This is the kind of book site an author dreams about having — and HarperCollins did some great work for SarahP (she had a good bit of input). There are games, quizzes (I’m a cat, okay? Stop laughing), the opening chapter, amazing illustrations, and an awesome awesome map.

I’d be insanely jealous of Sarah’s site, not to mention her book’s upcoming runaway success, except for the facts that SarahP is an awesome writer and person, and the book is incredible. Only five and a half days left until the book launches! It’s all great motivation for me to get cracking on my own writing.

On a different note, I read online that the Journal of Mythic Arts is closing down. I was never able to keep up with all the amazing stuff there, but the art and stories were especially fascinating. Luckily, there’s still another issue coming out, and you can still read their blogs…

Okay, now. Back to work. That synopsis ain’t gonna write itself. Later!

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