A reader review of THE WANNOSHAY CYCLE

One of the cool things about yesterday’s big post (other than the fact that I didn’t get much work done at my day job, I was so distracted with the news), is that I found a nice reader review of THE WANNOSHAY CYCLE from Rambler’s journal. Here’s a nice snippet of the review:

I will say, though, that the depiction of aliens is up there with Niven’s Ringworld aliens, in my opinion. It is superior to those, in some ways. I felt like I *knew* these creatures better than I ever knew the Puppeteer or the other alien from RINGWORLD. I could visualize them much better than I could the alien beings in Asimov’s THE GODS THEMSELVES, and the aliens in Robert Sawyer’s CALCULATING GOD were less well described, I thought.

Jasper’s vision of the near future, an Earth where things like You Tube and blogging have been extrapolated to one possible logical conclusion, where the government’s response to terrorism has become a way of life in itself, sort of, where designer drugs evolve into Blur, was both familiar but yet clearly IN the future. I thought it was very well imagined and described.

It’s a good, insightful review, and I’m pleased to see that Rambler really appreciated some of the themes I tried to put into the book. Plus it really made me feel good to read that my aliens were in some ways better than aliens created by SF master Isaac Asimov as well as Larry Niven and Robert Sawyer. Major ego-boo there!

Rambler — Thanks for reading. You made a really good day even better. Later.

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