Okay, so I can finally tell everyone what I’ve been dying to share for a while now — I am now represented by Colleen Lindsay of FinePrint Literary Management.

Let’s take a few moments to let that sink in, shall we?

Okay, now — Woo hoo!

Here’s the official word on Colleen’s blog. I’m very excited to be working with Colleen — she knows the industry inside and out, she has some great, great ideas about where I should go with my writing career, and she’s already lit a huge fire under me about my novels-in-progress.

Huge, huge thanks to writing pal Kathy Sedia, who talked me up to Colleen (and without any bribing needed on my part!) to get the ball rolling. I owe you a couple rounds of drinks now, Kathy!

Special thanks to my buddies Cinque and Tammy for their mad contract-reading skillz as well. You guys rock, and please don’t bill me!

Wow. What a crazy few days these have been. Okay, now. Back to work! Later!!!

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