We’ve come across a good run of movies on Netflix recently. Now that Mr. “I Don’t Nap Anymore, Thanks” Drew goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 (versus 10 p.m. when he used to take an afternoon nap), Elizabeth and I actually have time to WATCH a movie, once the boys are asleep. Now, to get Mr. “Almost Six Months Old” Mitch to sleep all night. One challenge at a time…

So here’s my take on the good flicks we’ve seen lately:

3:10 to Yuma: I liked this one so much, I watched it twice — once by myself on the computer while I was assembling bookcases, and again with Elizabeth, so I could get her take on it and focus all my attention on it as well. I’d heard Russell Crowe was good in it, and he was — his character is impossible not to watch. And “Batman” Christian Bale was really good as the soldier turned rancher turned deputy who has to bring Crowe’s criminal character to the train to Yuma prison. Some pretty over-the-top gunfights toward the end (of course nobody can hit them at the end!), and a choice by Crowe’s character toward the end that I found a bit hard to swallow, but overall, good stuff. I found myself thinking about the choices made by the characters long after the movie was over, which is saying something lately. Bloody, but good.

No Country for Old Men: Can I just say that I loved that this movie took place in the year 1980 or so? Javier Bardem as the bad guy was also riveting (notice a theme here?), but again a bit over the top. I mean, what was up with his choice of weapon? But what I really liked about the movie were the choices made by the filmmakers (and the author of the novel it was based on, Cormac McCarthy). The ending sneaks up on you, and at first I thought I missed it. But it made sense the more I thought about it. Powerful stuff. Though I’ll never be able to watch Josh Brolin without seeing him as “Brand” from The Goonies!

Bourne Ultimatum: One big action scene linked to another, but pretty cool action scenes, with a purpose and a sense of right and wrong. I liked it more than Elizabeth did.

Eastern Promises: More disturbing stuff, about Russian immigrants in a London I could barely recognize, with Viggo Mortenson playing a dark, brooding chaffeur for the Russian mob. Visceral stuff (literally, especially in the bath house scene).

Once: One of those perfect movies that’s just the right length, that tells just the right story without anything more needed, though we both wanted to watch more. Two musicians bump into each other, sparks fly, and then… the end hits you. I felt sad for both characters for a day or two after it was over. Amazing, amazing music. Check this one out.

Flicks to avoid — The Darjeeling Limited (a rehash of “Bottle Rocket” and about everything else Wes Anderson has done; we didn’t make it through this one), and Day Watch (a bad case of sequelitis gone wrong; I was watching the clock on the DVD player for this one, waiting for things to pick up, and they never did).

So there you have it — a month or two of Netflix. What’ve you seen lately that’s stuck with you? Later…

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