A wall of books

So, the bookshelves are assembled and filled with books:

And I am tired. Though I have a nagging feeling that I could use one or two more bookshelves to the right of my desk now. Didn’t think those shelves would fill up so quickly. Hmmm…

The important thing is, I got my “Ego Shelf” in order, so all the books with my stories in ’em, along with my three books, are in the top shelf of the first bookcase in the room:

And no, I didn’t write the You Can Write book, but I thought it fit nicely there (my mom found that at a used bookstore).

I’ve got some odds and ends to finish up in the next day or so, and after that, I have a feeling I’m gonna be busy with the fiction-writing gig for a while. More on that… soon! Later!

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