Back from the Beach

We made it back from Ocracoke yesterday, after a lovely four days and three nights of fishing, eating, drinking, and chasing after the kids. Very fun. I even made a little cash (which paid for our meals out!) at the always-awesome Books to be Red bookstore by selling copies of all three of my books. Sweet.

I even caught a fish, out near Teach’s Hole on the Pamlico Sound (an eight-inch trout, which we tossed back).

The kids were great, though the two toddlers had their moments of High Drama, let me tell you. Mitch was an angel, except for the last night there, when his new teeth he was cutting bothered him and made him get up THREE times. We got to celebrate our friend Jennifer’s birthday and relax on the boat and in the house. And the kids ran and ran on the sand and in the (chilly) surf.

Here’s the sun setting, from John’s boat:

And here’s a family portrait, taken by me while we were on our way out to sea:

(Don’t ask me what Mr. Drew is looking at!)

Big thanks to Jennifer and John for letting us stay over a few nights at their awesome rented house, and for putting up with us for a few days. We had a ball. It’s no fun trying to get back to work… Later!

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