Why is sleep so important anyway?

Oh my, this journal has become so self-centered lately, I have to apologize. I really do have to come up with some better content these days, but with the newly five-month-old critter still waking up 1-3 times a night, I have yet to get on a good writing schedule.

I long for the times when I could get up at 4:45 a.m. and sit down and actually write. If I do happen to muster the energy to roll out of bed early, it’s rare I have the desire to be creative. I usually end up doing bills or something…

But sometimes the universe comes around to kick you in the butt. That happened today when I saw the following piece of an in-depth interview with publisher Sean Wallace, talking about his upcoming books for 2008 and beyond:

For September we have two scheduled: A Gathering of Doorways, by Michael Jasper, which resonated really nicely for me, and which I’m proud to publish, the story of a missing child who leads his parents on a quest on and underneath their land. This is actually the first of two books (the other being Maps and Legends) that I’ve bought from Jasper, and both are stunning in their own right.

Sweet. Maybe I can remember this early in the morning tomorrow when I’m tempted to stay sleeping instead of getting up and finishing the latest Chapter That Would Not Be Finished (that is, chapter six). Later!

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