Hey, look kids, one more review…!

Not a lot of writing going on lately, but busy with stuff with the house (our garage, it is organized!) and day job stuff, and trying to find time to do some reading now and then. At some point I’ll get going on the early-morning writing sessions again. I hope!

Just surfing around tonight, I found this nifty review of the Wannoshay novel, and I had to share:

Michael Jasper’s first novel is a first contact story, opening with the crashing of alien spaceships in North America. In a sequence of events vaguely reminiscent of the Alien Nation movie and television series, the survivors are slowly being integrated into human society when an unfortunate incident suggests they are dangerous. As a result, they are sequestered in detainment centers. Some of the champions of the aliens suspect that they were not responsible for the disastrous incident and set out to find the truth. Their investigations take them to one of the ships where they discover the truth about the aliens’ culture and physiology. I’ve always liked first contact stories because they provide a way of examining the human condition from a slightly, or sometimes greatly, altered point of view. Jasper has a clear, crisp prose style and and nice feel for his characters. The story moves smoothly and without loss of momentum. I thought it might be just a hair too long for its premise, but it wasn’t bloated. I’ll be looking forward to his next. 12/17/07
Don D’Ammassa

That came at a nice time — I was feeling a bit down about my own writing lately, not feeling inspired. It’s amazing what a nice word or two can do for the ol’ pride. Later!

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