Books, Books!

Today is a dual Book Day — one for my buddy Tim “call me T.A.” Pratt and one for fellow writer-guy (who I’ve never met in person) Barth Anderson. Both of their books come out today, so go order on Amazon or get crazy and purchase them at a real book store. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on both of ’em!

I had the distinct pleasure of reading a draft of Tim’s book, Poison Sleep, the second book in his series about kick-ass sorcerer Marla Mason and her gang of magical pals. Each book in this series gets better (and the first one, Blood Engines was really, really good), and just wait ’til the third one (got to read that one too, as a manuscript!). Urban fantasy with a great protagonist and twists galore.

I haven’t read an early copy of Barth Anderson’s The Magician and the Fool, but from what I’ve read of his short fiction and the advance reviews of this book, it’s going to be one I really like. Dumpster diving? Tarot cards? Magic? International intrigue? I am so there.

(Could this novel be related to Barth’s story “Bringweather and the Portal of Giving and Taking“? I hope so!)

And man, all these books have amazing covers. Those Bantam people know what they’re doing. So go, order, and buy! Later!

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