For some reason, this initial novel draft is not coming easily for me. I was hoping to be on the home stretch by this point, finishing up by the end of March, but now I’d be really happy to be done by the end of May. Too many stops and starts, and not a clear enough idea of where I was headed with this book.

So I sat down and did the slog of breaking down each chapter, figuring out what I’d done so far (not much — just 4 chapters!) and how to structure the rest of the book. That way I have a skeleton of the story to fall back on. With all the stuff going on right now, with work and the kids and trying to get a good routine going, I need to make this as easy for myself as I can.

So now I have all my chapters from start to finish laid out, and I can start the fun process of jamming out the messy first draft.

And I finally hit the one-quarter-of-the-way point today. Woo!


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