Twelve Weeks!

Okay, so somehow it’s February already, and our little guy Mitch is 12 weeks old today! At what point does life stop being on fast-forward? And while you’re answering questions, is there anything cuter than an almost-three-month-old wearing a blue bear outfit?

Yeah, that’s what I thought… 🙂

And I love that little half-smile, like he’s looking at us all with bemusement.

The poor little guy has been recovering really well from his reflux the past 2 weeks, only to come down with the cold that Drew’s been fighting in for the past week. Which means Mom and Dad have been tag-teaming him, trying to get him to sleep all night. And Lizzie is taking him and big brother both off to the doctor today to make sure everything’s okay. I mean, it’s only been a couple weeks since Mitch’s last visit, so they must miss him!

But the good news is, he’s very happy, very social baby. If he’s in his swing, he’s only happy if there are people nearby so he can holler out at them every now and then. He’s smiling all the time now, and he loves his big brother — you should see the unabashed admiration in his eyes when he’s looking at Drew. And Drew is always there with the love for Mitch, with hugs and kisses, which explains why they BOTH have colds now…

Happy 12-weeks, Mitchell J! Later…

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